My name is Dan Cooper and I am a Newcastle based freelance designer, illustrator, animator, creative thinker and a bit of an odd dog.


What makes me odd?
Well I think a little differently to most..

My brain is always ticking away, trying to solve creative problems. I approach creative challenges from multiple perspectives and make interesting and creative connections.


I offer a wide range of creative solutions, from branding and identity to illustration and animation.
My mission is to exceed the expectations of my customers by using design thinking and visual communication expertise to understand their needs and deliver out of the box, intelligent and creative solutions.


Check out my portfolio.

recent projects
BRANDING AND IDENTITY Festival X is a creative industries festival that runs from November 07 > 11, around the CBD of Newcastle. It is a celebration of sound and music, performance, movies, virtual reality, visual art and design, illustration and combinations of these that you may not have thought possible. 
 I was offered the wonderful opportunity to develop the visual identity and roll out all the design assets for the festival.
ILLUSTRATION, ANIMATION AND AUGMENTED REALITY Synesthesia is a music inspired experimental illustrated booklet that aims to add depth and value to a musician’s work. The booklet contains music inspired illustrations combined with AR content in the form of music 
and animation. 
 This project has been approached from a human centered perspective by interviewing people about their perceived relationship between design and music. Almost all stated that they miss the tactile experience of looking at album art and record sleeves whilst consuming music.

 This would inspire the idea to create an experimental illustrated booklet that attempts to address the desire for music lovers to enjoy a tactile, visual and auditory experience whilst consuming music.
DATA VISUALISATION, PHOTOGRAPHY AND ILLUSTRATION Woke AF uses creative data visualisation to explore my personal experience with chronic insomnia throughout the month of May 2018. 

I recorded my hours slept, quality of sleep, insomnia and anxiety intensity as well as other random insomnia related data and used this information to create abstract data visualisations that attempt to achieve a graphic and subjective view of my experience with insomnia over this time. 

I have employed a restricted grey scale colour palette to convey the tone of chronic insomnia, a strange sort of void in between awake and asleep. The use of hand generated, photographic and digital techniques have been used to create a set of strange yet beautiful data visualisations that I hope give some insight into my experience with insomnia.
ILLUSTRATION Between my toes is a journey of mindfulness and imagination. Join Grace and her best friend Coco as they journey through the world of make believe and experience weird, wonderful and sometimes scary situations. I had a lot of fun illustrating this wonderful book by Jessica Cooper.
Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month. This is the first year I participated in Inktober and I really loved it, it's a great way to push the creative and technical illustration skills to the limit. To see all of my Inktober illustration head over to my Instagram page.
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